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                 时间:2019-02-25 09:08:27来源:国际社会工作者联合会



                2019年世界社会工作日是3月19日。 今年是全世界社会工作者共同庆祝该专业成就的关键日子,并将主题信息传递到他们的社区,工作场所和政府,以提高对社会工作贡献的认识和进一步行动的必要性。

                今年的主题聚焦于人们彼此之间◢的基本关系,他们的环境★和未来之间的社会关系。 IFSW秘书长Rory Truell博士说:

                “政治家玛格丽特可还记得当初·撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)在最近的历史上有一个着名的时刻,当时宣布:”没有社会,男人和男人都有这样的东ζ西“,当时的全球保守主义时期和国家服务的解体也开始了脸。 撒切尔的观点继续具有毁灭性的影响,因为它仍然在世界和国家政治ζ 的许多方面占主导地位。 这个2019世界社会工作日主题直接解决了这种虚假和残忍』的保守教条。 从社会工作∞经验来看,所有人都通过决定生ㄨ活质量和安全的社会关系联系在一起。 在世界︾范围内,社会工作♀专业将统一宣传建立政策和实践的重要性,这些政策和实践承认,培养和丰富我们相互依存的关系 - 和平,实现所有人的平等权利和可㊣ 持续发展的世界。





                The 2019 world social work day highlights ‘Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships’.

                World Social Work Day is on the 19th March 2019. It is the key day in the year that social workers worldwide stand together to celebrate the achievements of the profession and take the theme message into their communities, workplaces and to their governments to raise awareness of the social work contributions and need for further action.

                This year’s theme focusses on the social relationships between people’s essential relationships with each other, their environments and their futures. Dr Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary-General said:

                ‘There was a famous moment in recent history when politician Margaret Thatcher ushered-in the current global period of conservatism and the dismantling of state services when announcing: “there’s no such thing as society, there are individual men and women”. Thatcher’s view continues to have devastating effects as it remains dominant over many aspects of world and national politics. This 2019 World Social Work Day theme directly addresses this false and brutality conservative dogma. From the social work experience all people are bound together by social relationships that determine the quality and security of life. Worldwide the social work profession will unify in promoting the importance of building policies and practices that recognize, cultivate and enrich our interdependent relationships – for peace, the realization of all people’s equal rights and a sustainable world.’


                World Social Work Day

                World Social Work Day was launched by The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW): in

                1983 and later other social work organizations such as the International Association of Schools of

                Social Work (IASSW) have joined as partners to the event. WSWD has become a highpoint in the

                social work calendar with social workers all over the world celebrating and promoting the contributions

                of the profession to individuals, families, communities and wider society. The day is celebrated on the

                official date every 3rd Tuesday in March.

                On this date social work organizations throughout the world mark World Social Work Day bringing

                messages to their governments, communities, and peer professional groups on the unique and significant

                contributions of the social work profession. The actions highlight social work’s approach to facilitating

                sustainable community outcomes by applying a developmental and capacity building approach

                coupled with advocating for social justice and human rights.

                The themes of WSWD are set for two years according to the goals of the Global Agenda for Social

                Work and Social Development:

                2012 - 2014: Promoting social and Economic Equality

                2015 - 2016: Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples.

                2017 - 2018: Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability

                2019 - 2020: Promoting the Importance of Human Relationships

                Every year IFSW produces a poster announcing WSWD. It is spontaneously translated into over 45

                languages, and presented to governments, political bodies posted on the notice boards of social services

                and in social work class rooms throughout the world. The event has become so successful in

                recent years it is now generally considered as highlight of international solidarity and cooperation of

                social workers.

                Furthermore five Regional Observatories have been installed to collect the results and good practice

                examples of social work and social development practice. The findings are analyzed and set in the

                context of the actual social, political and economic realities, resulting in a publication which is launched

                at the biannual World Conference of Social Work and Social Development. (www.ifsw.org/shop)

                World Social Work Day at the United Nations

                IASSW and IFSW have special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social

                Council (ECOSOC) (IASSW since 1947 and IFSW since 1959). Jointly the representatives of both

                organizations have annually celebrated WSWD at the UN in New York since 1983 and in Geneva

                since 2012. Sporadically WSWD at the UN has also been celebrated in Vienna, Nairobi, and Santiago

                de Chile. In 2017 for the first time WSWD shall be celebrated at the UN in Bangkok.

                ives of WSWD at the UN are:

                - To strengthen existing or to establish new contacts, cooperation and partnership with UN organisations

                and with allied international NGOs.

                - To spread knowledge about social work, its values, principles and methods in practice and

                theory among UN-organisations and allied international NGOs.

                - To highlight social work actions, policies and achievements in the pursuit of common goals.

                - To disseminate the knowledge about UN activities, goals, program and campaigns among social

                workers and social work organisations and schools.

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